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McKaulay's Island

McKaulay's Island is an island also known as Paradise Island, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  This island is privately owned, but is open to visitors.  It's very exclusive, though, and only government or MK Airlines planes and helicopters can land here.  The MK Airlines owns a fully operational fleet of five HondaJet airplanes.  For our great prices, you get everything you want.  Our transportation and vacation system is made simply for luxury.  The island is quite far out, so MK owns fueling stations along our flight route to MK Island.

Train Murder

He was sitting in a train.  He was out in the middle of the Great Plains.  He was quiet and peaceful, with no grudges.  He had no reason to die.  It was the second day of JP Clatrack's trip to New Orleans, and he was absolutely mortified when he saw a deluge of bullets fly through the window.  He was pliant, but the amount and speed of the furtive assault was overwhelming.  He was hit with a tormenting pain, dying immediately.  The murderer was soon seen skipping away daintily, full of exultation.  He, Jack Ockpar, had trained with extreme diligence for the last 10 years, living in a dilapidated hut for years, living on what he could scavenge or kill.  He had finally succeeded, he had gotten revenge. 



He was gone.  I never expected it would be this bad.  Connor had finally been defeated by his urge.  His power had been overflowing in power lately, and I knew eventually it could eat away at him until he failed to survive.  Though it was bad that he was gone, I knew he would have a good life where he was now.  I was still worried.  What if he had been killed?  There was no doubt he had the power to come back, but that only happened every 300 years, and even then, he could survive the urge for another 100, enough for 4 generations of a family to thrive.  But we weren't normal humans.  Connor could travel through galaxies, and I had superhuman strength.  As a team, we had been able to purify the world on planet Earth, destroying all evil.  It wasn't appreciated, though.  I was forced to give up my power boosters that supported my power at the extreme, and Connor was forced out of this galaxy.  Their magicians weren't strong enough, he was ablt to resist them for around 50 years, but at a point, now, he was gone.

Chief Seattle

He was admired and loved.  He was prestigious and war-like.  He was probably the best Native American chief ever!  He was chief Seattle.  Every week, he would have meetings with his tribe, and he would solve their problems, and helped them.  He was almost always at war, and nobody had ever beaten him.  But, he had grown old, and jaded, and he knew his time was coming.  His nights were tortured by sepulchral dreams, and in the day, he hardly ever left his tent.  His tribe, tough, knew that this wouldn't do.  They knew what they had to do.  They didn't erupt into chaos, and they did all they could to save their chief.  They were very lucky, for the other tribes, including the Nisqually, and Flatheads, didn't dare to attack.

Septimus Heap

It was a dark and gloomy night.  All was silent.  The perfect night was here.  The potion was ready.  Septimus knew that he had finally achieved the goal of his master.  He had immortality.

The Howards

It was a dark and scary night, and all was silent.  I walked toward the gate, the one with the Howards' family symbol on it.  I was warned not to come here, but all the same, I had to investigate.  This was where I had seen the creature.  All of a sudden, two cars came racing out from behind the curve, engines roaring.  I was flabbergasted, there was a Bugatti Veyron, and a McLaren F1, two of the fastest cars in the world.  Racing behind them were a Chrysler ME412 and a TVR Cerbrera Speed 12, two cars tied with the McLaren F1.  But that wasn't what I had come to see.  My aims were those of the average ghostbuster: to bust the ghosts.  I started climbing the fence, slowly.  Little did I know how important the cars were.  

Choop!  The car door closed.  A young man had exited the vehicle.  Being in his twenties, he was very handsome, and had blond hair.  He was dressed in a black jumpsuit, with a black face mask and soundless shoes.  He crept up to where the other boy had climbed up.  

Mario Kart

"3, 2, 1!"  My engines were revving, I could feel the power being pumped into my Wild Wing.

"Go!!"  My car shot ahead racing up the escalator, and swerving to a precarious position, around a tree.  I love Coconut Plaza!  I zoomed ahead, racing past 3rd and 2nd place.  All of a sudden, I saw the next escalator.  1st place went flying off, but he crashed and blew up.  I, Mario, was in first place!  I zoomed ahead, swerving quickly to avoid the escalator going the wrong way.  I flew off, over my first turbo-charger.  I raced into a block, I had a lightning-bolt! 

Little Cree's Story Continued

--Beginning in a test that has been recycled a year ago--

I had come to the workshop of Horst.  He was the great smith of Carvahall, being the former master of Roran Garrowson.  With him now was Cree, the legendary father of the beloved Little Cree.  Little Cree had saved his land, Lumpland, from the evil Big Bee.  He had been missing for years, and I finally had found him.

"Cree, sir!  I'm Akshay, friend of Little Cree, from Lumpland!"  I said.

"?El es Akshay, amigo de pequeNa Cree, de Lumpland."  Cree translated. 

An Interview with Mario

Hello my friends, my name is Mario, one of the favorite characters of all time.

Q.  What's the hardes thing you've ever done?

A.  That would probably be a while ago.  I had two controlled life rafts, with only one control.  I had to save people jumping of a burning ship!

Q.  What is the scariest thing you've ever done?

A.  Probably going in haunted houses.  I've had to do this a lot, especially to find stars.

Q.  What's your favorite thing to do?

A.  I really  love to race.  I've recently been racing on the new tracks, Wario's gold mine, Coconut Mall, and many others.  My favorite Kart is the Wild Wing, a streamlined race car.


Taekwondo is a master art.  It isn't brute force that wins you a fight, but strategy and skill.  In Taekwondo, you learn and master different attacks, such as kicks and punches, as well as agility, balance, and discipline.  Probably the greatest way to do a rapid attack is if you keep your leg off the ground for a while.  In the back, or fighting, stance, you need to be able to hold your front leg for exactly the same reason I just explained.  To achieve this, you need a high amount of balance.

King John and Prince Akshay

It was a warm and sunny day.  The great King John and his son, Prince Akshay, were out on a quest.  King John had been invited to join the knights of the round table.  They were to join Merlin and Queen Guinevere at the lake where Excalibur had been found, or claimed.  There, they would go on their first quest for the knights of the round table, to defeat the evil dragon witch.  The Purple Emperor had backed them with troops, headed by the Great Crown Prince, Pyrgus Malvae.  The evil dragon which had captured the dragon rider, Sorrell, was living in a hidden vine palace on the north shore...

The first goal was to find the palace.  Prince Akshay ventured ahead, with his scimitar in hand, ready to fight any traps or enemies.  He chopped through the vines, advancing through the forest.  By dusk, the palace was visible, just ahead.  But, it was surrounded by a deep moat full of deadly black skinned piranhas.  But, he had his Firebolt 2000, and was prepared for liftoff.  As soon as he was in the air, arrows came whizzing at him.  Luckily, Prince Akshay had trained in quidditch with Harry Potter, and dodged them as he would have a bludger.  That's when a whole volley came zooming at him.  He had been spotted!  He shot up, where he knew the arrows couldn't reach.  He zipped over the walls, into the palace.

The Flashlight -- A Poem

On top of a notebook,

There was a flashlight, shining so brightly.

When something ensued,

So very violently,

It fell off the notebook,

and made a big bang,

and all of a sudden,

it started to hang.


It stayed there for day,

it stayed there at night,

trying in every way,

to get out of its plight.


It moved,

and it shook,

and it shined so brightly

trying to get off his hook.


But he tried and he tried,

but he couldn't get free,

until someone came by,

named Mr. Bee. 

If I Had a Trillion Dollars

If I had a trillion dollars, I would donate a great majority of it.  With that much money, you could end poverty all over the world, cure every single disease, and end the global climate change.  I would "greenify" all over the world, making everything as economic as possible.  I would make sure every child would get an amazing education, and end the economic crisis.  I would make the police force much harsher, and end all crime.  I would fund many discovery expeditions, and pay to develop the moon.  If I found out about anybody making a stupid move on purpose, such as buying something too expensive, I would change them forcefully.  I would buy an expensive car, and create lots of types of biofuels. 

If I could Live Anywhere

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would want to live in Hawai'i.  It's a very sunny place, all year.  You could probably find a pretty good school there, about the same as where I'm going right now.  Later, you could probably find a reasonable job there.  It gets a nice amount of rain, and if you live on Kauai, you don't get too hot.  There are beaches and hikes all year round, two things that I love.  There's a lot of things to do, from celebrating Hawaiian traditions, such as the Luau, to taking cruises and helicopter tours.  


The yellow sun sparkles in the sky

Yellow is awesome

The world is awesome

The world is a huge sphere in space

There are vacuums surrounding it

As well as satellites all over,

and the sun far away

made from gasses

That will eventually go boom

and make a black hole

We et sucked into the black hole

and stretched like a slinky

That goes down the stairs

That old people fall off of. 

Lord Hagey's Castle

Lord Hagey is the thirteen year old heir to the Hagey throne in Bothell Washington.

His castle exists in the country of the land of Siam. He possesses nuclear armament and is

engaged in hostilities with the rebel leader Gnereal MSK. This fiend has terrorized his domain and Lord Hagey's antimatteer research facility. Lord Hagey hopes to find him and imprision him in Georgia. He also has directed-energy weapons utilizing cations, neutron bombs and chocolate.