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This page features information and fun projects about science. 

Project 1: The Newhal, an animal splice mini-project.  Try creating your own by creating an animal and naming ten characteristics about it that help it survive in its natural environment.  Post your own Animal Splice in the general forums.


This ancestor of the newt and the narwhal lives under the antarctic ice.

Characteristics -

1.  Super-powerful rear legs to propel through water.

2.  Dark eyes that can see in deep, dark water.

3. Long tail to control swimming.

4.  Heat/light razor to melt ice to get onto land. 

5.  Gills that can process water as cold as -200 degrees Farenheit.

6. Narwhal horn to spear penguins for food.

7.  Thickened skin to survive cold and predators.

8.  Quick digesting intestine acid - keeps food from freezing in digestive system.

9.  Streamlined form - for sneaky attacking.

10.  Dark color - camouflage from predators.