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Welcome to the section of our site where you can find puzzles to challenge yourself when you want.  Take a look at our first, a Spanish word search that will make you rack your mind.  Here you go:


Try solving this riddle poem in Spanish (that is, if you know Spanish).  When you find out the answer enter it under the puzzles section in the forums.  I'll post an English version soon.  Try it!

Puedo ser aburrido,

Pero puedo ser divertido.

Puedo ser poderoso,

Pero puedo ser dEbil.

Puedo abrir el mundo,

Y luego destruir el.

Puedo ser tu mejor amigo,

Y puedo ser tu peor enemigo.

 A rough English translation of this would be:

I can be boring,

but I can be fun.

I can be powerful,

But I can be weak.

I can open the world,

And then I can destoy it.

I can be your best friend,

And I can be your worst enemy.

Have fun!