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                My close family is just made up of my parents and my sister.  Some of my nearby relatives are my cousins, and my aunt and uncle (on my mom’s side).  My grandfather (again on my mom’s side) also lives with them.  I have many friends, one who lives in my neighborhood.  We’re pretty good friends, and we’re always planning or studying one thing or another, one day Semaphores, and another tree houses!  I currently don’t have any pets, but I hope to have a pet fish in the future.  Friends and family are pretty important, and I’m glad to have so many of them around me.

                Some of my hobbies include building with Legos, and playing the piano.  I have built many things from LEGO's, including a Boeing 787, a truck, and a Ferris wheel.  Building with LEGO's is a pretty interesting activity; it’s never the same!  You don’t just snap together random pieces, rather you have to find all the exact pieces, then, not only put them on top of each other, but stick them through each other or snap different clip-like pieces onto stick-like pieces.  I also love playing the piano.  I play all kinds of music from jazz, to holiday songs.

                What I would like to do someday, is to be a police officer, or a pilot, or at least be able to fly a plane.  I’ve always wanted to help the community, and keeping it safe is an important activity that somebody has to do.  As for being a pilot, I like most kinds of vehicles, especially planes.  The special thing about planes is that they can go almost anywhere in the world.  You can’t drive a car to Antarctica, and you can’t fly a helicopter across the Pacific Ocean!  You can do both of those with an airplane though, and they’re both things I would like to do myself.

               I’m always trying to get the best grades I can possibly get.  Someday, I want to go to either Harvard University, or MIT, two of my favorite universities.  For all of these, I know that I need to practice a lot, and always do my best.

                My favorite subject in school is math, which I am pretty good at too!  I have always been good at math, and since second grade, I‘ve been studying math a grade level higher than most kids my age.

                Some of my talents include biking, and hiking, which my family and I do quite often.  We normally bike anywhere to 6 to 15 miles, usually around 12 to 14.  I have been biking since I was quite young, and I am good at both fast and long-distance, though I’ve never participated in any races, or competitions.  I have also been hiking since I was 5 years old, and we have been hiking at a huge amount of places, from Hawai’i, to Crater Lake, as well as many local trails. Our hikes are normally up to 4 miles, which makes for a pretty long time going up, and down. 

                The one thing that I’m the best at, though, is reading.  This isn’t exactly a talent, but it’s a very important, and it will help me for the rest of my life.  I’m able to read pretty much anything.  I am happy about all the things I can do, especially what I am good at.



As a new fun thing, styled after the bios you can find in the Iphone app, Ultimate Lightsaber, I have created a bio about me as a Star Wars character. Here it is:



Why Did I Make This Website?

I remember in Fourth Grade, my friend Matai gave everybody in the class a Valentine that was a pencil with a tag that had his home phone number, his cell phone number, and his website, (You might remember how we used to give Valentines in elementary school.  Apparently it isn't celebrated as much anymore in elementary schools.  I guess they figured they were just encouraging really young relationships that definitely wouldn't help students in their life. They probably figured that it was also a bit gay.  They give us lectures about how we should always accept gay culture, and I support this, but they still somewhat probably oppose it, even if it seems to back up "inclusivity"). Anyways, I checked out his website, and at the bottom it said "make your own website at!". I thought this was really cool, and I wanted one to make a sort of portfolio, and just tell people about myself.  It sat around for two years until one day last year, I decided to create the blog my fifth grade teacher had wanted me to.  I realized that I could make my website instead! So I logged back onto, and saw that it had changed to webs, and that my account had been pretty much deleted.  So, I started from scratch and made what you see here.  I enjoy making websites, or anything on the computer.  So if you have anything that needs doing, shoot me an e-mail by submitting a form in the "Contact Me" section of my website.  You can also look at my other websites at and  Enjoy!  Over and out!

--Agent A